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Portal User Management?

Managing users for the Vidya Mantra Portal is easy. You can find the “Home page” for users Management by clicking on “Customer Name” on the right of menu bar and then clicking “Contacts/Sub-Accounts”.

This will take you to the User list for your account. Here you can choose your contact from drop down. It shows:
  • first name
  • last name
  • email address

This page gives an overview of the users on your account, permissions and email preferences. For each user, you have:
  1. First name- This is the name that will be used by the user to authenticate with the Portal.
  2. Email- This is the email address that Vidya Mantra will use to contact this user. Tickets created with the Vidya Mantra Ticketing System will send update emails to this email address, for tickets created by that user.
  3. Company name
  4. Address
  5. Email Preferences- Email preferences are the settings for the email system it include type of reminder sent to person as a email. It has following preferences:
  • General email- General announcements and password reminders
  • Product email- Order details, welcome emails, etc...
  • Domain email- Renewal notices, registration confirmations, etc...
  • Invoice email- Invoices and billing reminders
  • Support email- Allow this user to open tickets in your account

To activate a Sub-Account of this person, you have to enable this setting.

Sub-Account includes different permissions to be enabled as per the requirement. They are:

  • Modify Master Account Profile
  • View and Manage Contacts
  • View Products and Services
  • View and Modify Product passwords
  • View Domains
  • Manage Domain Settings
  • View and Pay Invoices
  • View and Open Support Tickets
  • View and Manage Affiliate Account
  • View Emails
  • Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellations

Adding/Editing A Contact

To add a new account, select the “Add New Contact” in Choose Contact drop down. Then click on Go button.

To edit a user’s information, select the user name in Choose Contact drop down. Then click on Go button.

After you have made all the changes necessary for this user (or you have completely filled out the form for a new contact), click "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.

User Profile
The User Profile is used to store contact information for this user.  The fields in this area are used by the Portal when we need to select which time zone to display for this user and to allow Sales or Support to contact this user.

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